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Originally Posted by peacepipe View Post
I can agree to some extent as long as there is a minimum set of standards that meet fed requirements,like, you buy a gun from whoever you got go through a background check.
I think background checks like Calif does are reasonable. Things like pistol grip or stock are silly. i guess grenade launcher also but i was thinking is there really a way to buy grenades? I'm trying to think of one time you here in the news a man with a grenade launcher blew up something today etc. Right? I mean do you really think we need a law saying no grenade launchers? but whatever I can go along with a backgrounc check for every sale of a gun at a dealer or store. But between family members and friends i think it should be easier. maybe just something you download, fill out, and mail back to govt.

But i won't argue its reasonable to make sure felons and people with diagnosed with mental illness dont get guns. I do worry though that if it got to the point govt has access to your mental health records people would be reluctant to seek help. What do you think about that issue peace?
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