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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Exactly. I agree with you.

You are one of many stupid ignorant Americans who have their heads a million miles up their *****

I am the avenging angel. I am here to stick a burr in your butt. I am here to kick you in the head -- to make you think.

In your case it may take a baseball bat -- to shake the cobwebs loose.

So, let's do this, Avenging Angel! Since I'm already so close-minded and stupid about the 9/11 Truth, why don't you soften me up with a topic I'm already interested in? Take me to school on the issue of Venus and convince me that you really are a intellectual Juggernaut who commands serious attention. You see, you have to meet people where they ARE if you want to lead them somewhere else. Well, right now, I'm AT the Venus question. So, have at, Avenging Angel! Display that powerhouse intellect of yours regarding the history of the solar system's second planet. I'm ready to take notes!
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