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Originally Posted by oubronco View Post
2nd Round: Jon Bostic, Linebacker, Florida

Middle linebacker is arguably the Broncos' weakest position. The aging Keith Brooking will be a free agent this offseason, and behind him they have Joe Mays and Steven Johnson. Mays lost his job to Brooking last season and will be coming off a knee injury as well.

Denver could address this position in free agency by reaching out to a guy like Rey Maualuga of the Cincinnati Bengals or Tim Dobbins of the Houston Texans. Both would be a big upgrade over what the Broncos have.

Jon Bostic may be a bit of a reach in the second round, but he comes out of one of the nation's best defenses at Florida. He plays the run very well and is athletic enough to force turnovers, returning one of his two interceptions for a touchdown in his senior season.

If the Broncos were to draft Bostic, some would probably call it a reach, but the same thing was said last year about Derek Wolfe, and that turned out pretty good.
Teo,Jackson,Minter,Olgetree,Bostic are the main guys i want at MLB.
Jackson is my favorite as i think Teo will be gone(and his hoax issues are kinda alarming)but also he's a big,mean, nasty complete LB who can thump in the middle.
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