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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
the Bulls made the 2nd most money of NBA teams last season and we can't re-sign Asik because that cheap bastard doesn't want to call Morey on his BS poison pill and go into the luxury tax.
then we have Teague sitting while Hinrich was playing like a cripple.
I feel your pain. The Bulls have no excuse not to legitimately compete for the title so long as Rose is here. I mean **** all they have to do is get another star.

Boozer has been pretty solid this year but he was not a good signing and he isn't the piece they need.

Deng is who he is. Hinrich and Hamilton man I hope they aren't playing much come playoff time or we are screwed.

I was contemplating to go watch Bulls/Wiz on saturday but I knew I would get aggravated if I went especially after they beat golden state the night before so I just went to play hockey instead. They just don't have the firepower right now and are not a real contender until they get another superstar type.

I love Deng and Noah, but we need more. Rose needs more help and that's assuming he's back remotely close to what he was pre-injury.
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