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Bmore Manning

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Those of you who follow my posts especially in the draft forum know I am a huge proponent of getting a MLB, personally Arthur Brown would be my selection in the first round!

But... I think there are some interesting signs we cannot ignore..

The interviews showed us last year, that this staff will interview who they like, I.E. Wolfe last year.. I think the writing is on the wall that we will be getting at least one safety maybe two early in the draft.

We also looked at a project OLB, this is someone who can take the place of DJ on the roster and be that coverage rotational SOLB.

This means we value coverage..

Irving could move back as at least depth and to compete for ILB. I think that's a real possibility..that doesn't mean we won't addresss MLB in the draft or free agency, but I don't think it's an absolute lock we are going MLB round one..
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