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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
just because we interviewed somebody or didn't interivew them doesn't mean they are or are not on our draft list.
That's possible, I see the writing on the wall.. A project player like Gooden is DJs replacement on the roster, and I figured Irving would move back inside. Again, just my opinion, but I don't think we address MLB as early as some might think. I think the emphasis is on safeties and potentially two of them, and I think what we are keeping close to the chest is our first round pick.. Could be a MLB, maybe a DT.. I just see who they have talked to and the rounds projected as your second through fifth round players..
2. Thomas FS
3. Cyprien SS
4. Gooden OLB
5. Bumphis/Swoope SWR

That doesn't mean we will get who we are talking to, but we are exploring the options of Safeties, OLB who would take Irving's outside spot/ DJs, and a slot WR.. We value youth, speed, and coverage.. I think MLB is not as pressing as many think.. They could like Irving, Johnson, Trevethan, or a dark horse in the draft. But because of our sub packages, I don't think it's the pressing need we all view it as. And I could be wrong...

Just like so many view Guard as a need. I don't.. Ramirez showed good improvement and can be our swing guard. Koppen back up center, and Blake has experience on the interior and even RT? I actually view Tackle depth as more of a need..
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