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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
oh he's definitely cheap. he's more concerned with turning a big time profit than paying for a sure fire winner.
he's like Reinsdorf in that way. except Jerry will bend over backwards for the White Sox and go cheap with the Bulls(the Bulls are generally the 2nd or 3rd most profitable team in the NBA).
lol funny that you bring up Reinsdorf and his cheap ways with the Bulls. Being a Bulls fan, it's really aggravating for me. So sad that a top market like that has such a cheap owner. He doesn't like basketball; all he cares about is his white sox like you said.

edit: another egg on Ted's face is the whole Hockey Related Revenue fiasco. He's a big fat liar; he uses the profits from the caps for his own pockets or on the currently in the red wizards who have tickets going for less than $2 on stubhub sometimes
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