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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Yep, It's either Mcphee is conservative or Leonsis is cheap because it's all bargain basement type acquisitions (Wolski, etc.) or guys that fall right in their hands (Vokoun, Knuble).

It seems lately that it's Leonsis is the issue due to him being exposed that he didn't want to pay James Harden a 5 yr $80M extension after wizards/okc had a tentative deal in place. He also seems to have been the guy leading the crusade for shorter term and less salary during this NHL lockout so he is under immense scrutiny now.

They really do overvalue the draft picks here (e.g., Johansson, Schultz). IMO, they will forever regret not acquiring Pronger or not putting an honest deal for Chara. You put a top notch #1 on any of the 2008-2011 caps and you probably win a Cup.

The rose is off leonsis, he is being seen as a cheap bastard these days and you have to question a guy's commitment when he keeps a GM around for 15 years. Then again, he could be keeping him around because he does everything Ted wants. I hear many confirmations that Mcphee gets vetoed by Dick Patrick and Ted Leonsis which is now becoming more evident given the James Harden story.
oh he's definitely cheap. he's more concerned with turning a big time profit than paying for a sure fire winner.
he's like Reinsdorf in that way. except Jerry will bend over backwards for the White Sox and go cheap with the Bulls(the Bulls are generally the 2nd or 3rd most profitable team in the NBA).
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