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MLB sure seems like a need in the draft, and early. Apparently there are some good prospects. Just seems like it would be a failure by the FO to go into the TC with Brooking, Mays, DJ, Johnson, and Irving as the only competition.

First, they're only gonna carry three MLB on the 53, and do they really want to roll the dice on those three MLB's to come out of that group? I doubt it.

But for all I know they may still like DJ at MLB/ILB (depending on the D packages they send out on the field). If they want to roll the dice on him at his salary, that would reduce the chance of a 1st rounder on a MLB. And in that case I guess they would stick with Irving and Johnson as the backups and as ST guys. They could maybe bring Brooking back after TC if there's an injury, or some other older player cut after TC.
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