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Originally Posted by chadta View Post
What kind of retarded homer are you ? oh wait, part time pens fan I forgot, the rest of us can see years where teams have real shots, and teams that don't.
Yes, part-time Pens fan.

So now you expect me to bet a grand on something I don't believe, when you didn't have the balls to bet 20 bucks on something you did believe, after shooting your mouth off about it.
You said bet anything. I made and offer. You cried in the sandbox and went home.

Then you call me a chicken ****. That ranks right up there with the old, I am rubber you are glue defense.
If the shoe fits, wear it.

If you can find me one post where I said the cup is ours, or even hinted that i thought the team would realistically win the cup this year, unlike you I will back it up.
I just seem to find a lot of posts with you following me around like a little toddler, despite the fact that you are a grown-up. How does it feel to relive sixth grade?

Happy hunting chicken ****
Just because a poster requested it:

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