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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Why even watch the games if you don't have faith in your team to win it all? You that down on the group of losers you cheer for?
What kind of retarded homer are you ? oh wait, part time pens fan I forgot, the rest of us can see years where teams have real shots, and teams that don't.

Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Like I said: $1,000 bucks your team doesn't win the Cup. I'll even put you on a payment plan. Are you too much of a chicken****?
So now you expect me to bet a grand on something I don't believe, when you didn't have the balls to bet 20 bucks on something you did believe, after shooting your mouth off about it. Then you call me a chicken ****. That ranks right up there with the old, I am rubber you are glue defense.

If you can find me one post where I said the cup is ours, or even hinted that i thought the team would realistically win the cup this year, unlike you I will back it up.

Happy hunting chicken ****
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