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Originally Posted by cmhargrove View Post
Johnson actually looked really good last preseason. When I finished watching the games he was in, I actually believed in his potential.

I really want every Bronco to succeed, but I just don't see Irving as the type of player that will make us any better than we were last year. We need to get better in order to win a superbowl, and the MLB position is crucial. Irving isn't the guy. As stated before, I have actually seen Johnson make more preseason impact than Irving, but neither has had the chance to prove much in games that count.
Considering the list of probably alternatives at #28, the Broncos would be wise to draft Te'o or Minter if they are available.

Maybe they are just moving Irving, because he has shown enough ability that he could compete at MLB. He would never be of much value at SOLB behind Von Miller, so it's their way of putting him back in the mix, and letting him keep learning at MLB so he can be of value later on.

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