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I'm partial to Rhodes just because I'm a Nole diehard and have seen him play a bunch. The games I saw of Poyer I was pretty impressed. He is definitely a good player. IMHO, Rhodes and Poyer both play faster than they will time. I would estimate ~ 4.45 range for both of them as of right now.

Right now, I'd project this to happen:

Demarcus Milliner goes in the Top 10. Jonathan Banks goes in the Top 25.

Xavier Rhodes, Jordan Poyer, David Amerson and Logan Ryan in my eyes could all go in the Top 50 and all likelihood probably will. There is a lot to like about some of their games and where they are slotted individually will greatly depend on how they fit into team schemes. Some of those guys can play press man and man coverage well, some of them are more zone oriented.

I think Desmond Trufant really helped himself this week in the Senior Bowl and should have impressed quite a few teams. I haven't seen much of Will Davis, Leon McFadden or Robert Alford -- but those guys are all playing for not so-big name programs but seem to be highly rated across the board. Last year there were 5-6 corners taken before where we will be selecting in the second round this year and it was a weaker corner class, IMHO.

There are a lot of guys who can play. I think with the pass happy NFL, these guys are going to fly off the boards. Is CB the position for BPA @ 28? Don't know. We will have to wait until we are OTC in April to decide that. There are few players I would hypothesize this early in the process that would be available at our first round pick that would be better than Rhodes. Then again, Med does bring up a point. Is Denver really in a position to use a first-rounder on a CB?

Maybe, maybe not. I can see Med's point tho -- get that BPA, impact player @ #28 and hope that with a deep CB draft, you can get that #2 with our second round choice.

Thanks for the discussion guys. ME SO HAPPY.
This is a very intruiging discussion. Just last week I was also saying that we don't need to draft a CB in the 1st round. I was all on the MLB train, and pushing for Kevin Minter. After watching more tape and watching the senior bowl, my mind has changed...

But yet, I have to also agree with Mediator12 and say that I also am ALWAYS for drafting BPA at your position. Unless you have that position locked up for a while.

So I guess it is more of my selfish thinking... we need to strengthen this secondary IMO. Champ has lost a step (though I think he has a year or two left at CB). Our safeties got worked against the Ravens as well.
Maybe I'm thinking about that last game too much, but I just can't help but notice that this could very quickly become a glaring need for our team.

In a passing league, I think it's more important to get high caliber CB's and Safeties as opposed to getting high caliber DT's and MLB's. Is it nice to have great DT's and MLB's? Absolutely, but it would be more ideal to have some game changing CB's and Safeties.
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