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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
The only reason doing nothing isn't an option is because dems have decided they have to make it look like they did something. Also they never waste a chance to make more paperwork and some federal employee to look it over.

If you want to make people safer keep criminals locked up. The re-offending rate for people who commit violent crime is high.

You act like the only think we are saying no to is a background check. I don't mind that but i would rather just see a federal law that says all states must set up a background checking procedure and be done with it. The tacking on of things like pistol grip, clip size, flash suppressor, foldable stock is a joke it won't make things enough safer or at all to be worth it for the law abiding citizens who want those options. What isn't an option is letting the liberals start whittling away at the right for us to own firearms.
I can agree to some extent as long as there is a minimum set of standards that meet fed requirements,like, you buy a gun from whoever you got go through a background check.
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