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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
The question I have, is why haven't we interviewed any MLB during the senior bowl? As I said I think interviewing Gooden, means one of the OLBs will be moving to MLB, be that Irving or Trevethan. And we will draft a guy to compete either middle of the draft or sign one in free agency (hopefully not Brooking). We also interviewed 2 safeties a FS and SS. I could really envision a draft where we take both Thomas and Cyprien to compete with Moore, Adams, Carter.. We looked at a project CB, as a late round pick to groom, because the FO doesn't view it as a big time need, like us arm chairs think it is..

I also don't think interior OLine depth is a pressing need, similar to DT of last year, how we all swore we would take a DT...
And they used their first pick on one. I think the Del Rio influence will alter what we do. MLBs for the 4-3 are becoming rarer and rarer it seems while the OLB/DE hybrids multiply. There are a few good MLBs in this draft. If Del Rio has a voice in the selection (and I think he had some voice in the Wolfe selection), I look for one of them in the first couple of picks. This is what he said way back in August, "We're going to play the guys who are the most dependable, the toughest and the most disciplined front." He wants to put his stamp on this D. I don't think DJ will fit that. Trevathan seems to. As does Woodyard. He wants tough, playmaker mentality LBs. I feel strongly that Del Rio will want a guy like Chase Thomas. We'll see.

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