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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I definitely agree. There is real disparity in the league when it comes to teams resigning their own players prior to free agency - some teams are doing a very good job of getting guys under reasonable contracts and others are so scared by the prospect of losing a guy to free agency that they overpay for guys who fit in that top 4-6 bracket.

Benn is a good deal at 5.25 and it is a contract that makes a lot of sense given his age and his playing style. Zajac is overvalued because he is a center on a team with no depth at that position. The Stars are in a good place with their current ownership situation, they have a ton of money coming off the books next season, Roy, Jagr, Ryder, Morrow and they have no young players who are in for huge raises the next 2 years unless something spectacular happens. With the impending drop in salary cap due next season that is a good place to be.
i agree. some teams overpay and then screw up the market for others.
this is partly why O'Reilly's agent is trying to demand more than 3.5 per on a short deal and 5 or more on a long term one.
he's got stats that prove O'Reilly is one of the top players in the league based upon his overall defensive play, offensive production and face off ability.

i don't blame the Avs for taking a hard stance, he's got one good season to 2 other so-so ones. Duchene is making 3.5, Johnson 3.75. no way O'Reilly deserves more than either one.
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