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Bmore Manning

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The question I have, is why haven't we interviewed any MLB during the senior bowl? As I said I think interviewing Gooden, means one of the OLBs will be moving to MLB, be that Irving or Trevethan. And we will draft a guy to compete either middle of the draft or sign one in free agency (hopefully not Brooking). We also interviewed 2 safeties a FS and SS. I could really envision a draft where we take both Thomas and Cyprien to compete with Moore, Adams, Carter.. We looked at a project CB, as a late round pick to groom, because the FO doesn't view it as a big time need, like us arm chairs think it is..

I also don't think interior OLine depth is a pressing need, similar to DT of last year, how we all swore we would take a DT...
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