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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
There is NOTHING in that article to give your post any cred at all. If you think Elway is going into next season knowing he has a team that can win it all now, with maybe a few more upgrades, and you think he's going to count on Iriving as the starting MLB, I think you may be just as dumb as the guy who's writing that article. The guy hasn't show hardly anything in his few years here. There's no way you can look at what he's done so far and say he's the answer.
He's been here for two seasons and that's a pretty harsh critique.

Irving was *fantastic* on special teams this year. He was fast and tackled really really well. He's been a project for sure, but he consistently got better as the year wore on.

There were lingering injury issues in his rookie season and there have been scattered reports (listening to the local radio) that his first season was essentially a redshirt year. Coming into this season he clearly had issues adjusting to NFL game speed, but at least on special teams, that got better and better as the year went along.

I still have no idea if he'll ever see the field, but there are least reasons to be optimistic.
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