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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by NickStixx View Post
I agree with this!
2 weeks ago, I was all about Rhodes. Then last week I started watching more Poyer tape, and then his performance at the Senior Bowl was good. So I'm leaning more towards Poyer now. But I would also be happy with Rhodes as well. Rhodes is probably a better overall athlete and will run a faster 40 time.
But yeah I doubt any of the top guys will be there at our 2nd rd pick no matter how deep this draft is for CB.
The thing is do we draft BPA in the first or do we draft a Potential #1 CB? I am not down with drafting a first round CB in this draft at all at this point (that may change, but I doubt it!). Will an Elite Level CB drop to the bottom of the second round, No. However, I am not opposed to drafting a #2 CB in the second round and there are a dirtload of these guys in this draft. I like Rhodes a lot, he is a much more polished Cromartie coming out without the elite deep speed. What he is better at is his mental discipline which Cromartie has ALWAYS struggled, even to this day.

If Rhodes or Poyer are BPA at 28, which I believe is not going to happen, I might see them pulling the trigger. I am just not seeing that NOW! I am only through half the CB's I want to see, and I have 9-10 that I really think can play in the NFL. Usually, I only have 4-5 at most this early.
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