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I would go Rhodes @ 28 over Poyer in a heart beat. I would be willing to wager that the Top 5 corners (or so) on most people's boards are going to be gone before we are picking again in round two. It may be a solid year for that position, but that doesn't mean those good guys are going to be there when we are selecting. I don't think taking a corner @ #28 (especially if it's Rhodes) is a bad value at all.
I agree with this!
2 weeks ago, I was all about Rhodes. Then last week I started watching more Poyer tape, and then his performance at the Senior Bowl was good. So I'm leaning more towards Poyer now. But I would also be happy with Rhodes as well. Rhodes is probably a better overall athlete and will run a faster 40 time.
But yeah I doubt any of the top guys will be there at our 2nd rd pick no matter how deep this draft is for CB.
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