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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by NickStixx View Post
I understand that this is a deep CB draft, but IMO Poyer is the 2nd best CB behind Milliner. If we do end up moving Irving to MLB as someone was saying the Denver Post is reporting, then I think secondary is where we need to start looking. Unless Kawann Short is there at 28 (which I doubt) then to me Poyer seems like an obvious pick, unless you want just another "guy" as CB.
And Mediator12, I would bet Poyer is gone before our 2nd rd pick. I bet he is gone in the 1st round.
I would then go DT in the 2nd rd, and Safety in the 3rd if Jonathan Cyprien is available, that would be great.
If Ryan Swope is there in the 4th rd, I would then love that pick for our 4th rounder.
I think Poyer is a first round CB in most years, but this year he will have to run a low 4.4 or better to secure that. I also am not sure he is the second best pure CB in this draft at all. He might be the fifth. Still have not seen enough film to say where I would rank him.

As far as where he is drafted, no one has a clue right now. It all depends on where these guys all stack up eventually once the process is over. One thing I learned a long time ago, is never project individual guys this early in the process. The DL and CB positions are so deep this year, first round talent will bleed to the middle of the second round at both positions and maybe almost to the end of the second.

Alphonzo Dennard is the perfect example. He was late first, early second at this point last year, and then he ran a 4.55 forty at the combine and dropped to the seventh round along with his injury history. Same thing could happen to Poyer. However, I really like him and I would be fine getting him in the second round. He is my third favorite on gamefilm so far, and he looked terrific in Mobile.
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