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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Med, what (if any) safties do you have your eye on at #28? Vaccaro seems to be the consensus top guy, but I'm assuming he'll be off the board. I like Matt Elam from Florida a lot. He can cover or play down in the box and made a ton of plays everytime I watched the Gators.
I am not sure yet. I am still working on the safety evaluations. One thing is for sure though, there are a ton of big CB's out there who do not project to play CB at the next level, but would have natural cover skills as a safety. There are at least 3 I like to play FS at the next level, but I am not talking about that yet!

There have been some very good FS who have made the transition to Safety from College CB recently. Jairus Byrd was one I called coming out, Tenard Jackson as well before he turned out to be an idiot off the field. Amari Spievey made the transition in DET and so did Charles Godfrey in CAR. Both of those guys were Cover 2 Corners at Iowa and only Bradley Fletcher had the skill to stay at Corner coming out of Iowa for STL.

Then, there have also been the guys who could never do it but had the talent like Mike Mickens and Deangelo Smith out of Cincinnatti a few years ago. I thought Jerome Murphy out of USF would make the switch, but he continues to bounce around the league trying to play CB. He is in WAS now, but he should be a S IMHO, not a NFL CB.
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