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Originally Posted by extralife View Post
that is not necessarily true. they got dudes named offensive linemen, and some of them are all pros and some of them are not. there are plenty of RBs in the draft who have literally never been asked to block in their lives. none of them ended up playing D1 ball because they were talented blockers, now all of a sudden you think you can teach them to immediately be good at it? maybe you can, for some of them. maybe you can't.
This and bigtime. Most of the third down backs coming out only run patterns in college and from watching them try and pass block at the senior bowl this week, its going to take some time to learn this skill. And, it is an effort skill not a technical skill. It requires a desire to not let the QB get hit and most of these guys only want to catch passes. It's an attitude thing, more than just learning how to do it. There are not that many good pass protection qualified RB's in the league, let alone coming out of college offenses...
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