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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Agree on Green. I have mutual friends, he's a very cool dude. He also has matured big time.

He doesn't get hammered like he did when he first got here. He realized it wasn't good for his career and he leaves early too.

Shame for Green is that injuries have really derailed his career. He was going to be a great one but you can tell he doesn't have the burst that he did when he was younger. Still a great player but he could have been special.

The coolest player I ever met was Brent Johnson. That guy is so down to earth it's unreal. He is genuinely interested; I was amazed he stood there talking to me for 20 min. Real cool guy, in my mind I was like "soooo, should I be the one that says I go to go lol" Awesome guy though, with a lot of insight and appreciative of hockey players/fans

Knuble was another good guy....when we spoke he noticed I had a local lacrosse shirt on and then began to ask me about lacrosse questions (his kids play).
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