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I Love Poyer as a player, but this is one of the deepest CB drafts I have seen in awhile. Dropping a first rounder on a CB is not that good of a value IMHO in this draft. Also, I am not sure he would be drafted before our second round pick in this draft. His long speed will be the difference in early second or late second round draft status to me. Very few positions are impacted by the 40, but CB is one of them. The ten yard split and the short shuttle are also extremely important for CB's, almost more so than the 40.

That being said, he plays faster than he will time and that keeps him in the mix for an earlier draft pick. I want defense, but DL or safety would be better than corner at 28 for me.
I have to agree, there will be some talented corners available in the second/third round of the draft..

I have to say, I would not be surprised to see us grab two new safeties in the draft. We interviewed Thomas who projects as a FS, and Cyprien who projects as a SS. They are roughly 2 and 3-4 round values respectively. We interviewed Gooden the OLB, so that means maybe we have plans of taking an OLB because Irvin or Trevethan is going to transition to MLB, or we will grab one in free agency.

I think DT has solid depth, I like Williams.. But if we take one in the first and Short is gone, I really like what Jenkins of Georgia brings to the table in terms of being a disruptive POWERFUL NT.

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