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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
Oh yeah . I see them out all the time. It's an organization issue, Leonsis "didn't care" what they did as long as they were winning. Now that people are jumping off the bandwagon (skins and nats look to be primed), he suddenly cares. It's a joke. They should have been reeling in these "young guns" when they were actually young, but like fools they let them do whatever they wanted.

Also, I won't name the pens player but I went to a party after they had won the Stanley Cup in summer 2009 and the pens player (drunk of his ass mind you, but still truth comes out) was ridiculing ovie and the caps. He said something along the lines of the caps had the series won, but the ****ing clowns decided to party it up during the series and lost. I just shook my head because between games 1 and 2 of that series I saw dynamic russian duo of semin and ovechkin out getting ****faced, breaking glasses etc.

btw, here are a couple of quotes from yesterday.

“When [Ovechkin] moves his feet, he’s the best player in the world. That’s what he can do,” teammate Jason Chimera said. “You could tell through two periods that even though he didn’t have anything he was playing good. You could tell he was on the forecheck, he was getting to guys, he was in the cycle. That’s what we need from him. When he does that, people follow. That’s the name of the game.”

Added center Mike Ribeiro, who had the secondary assist on Ovechkin’s goal: “He’s a big boy. He has all the skills in the world. And I think once he gets that we have to play all the same way and then gets into that I think he’s gonna be even more, like, bigger beast than he is right now. By doing the little things that system wise that everyone has to do as a team.”

Green is actually one of the cooler Caps I've met out. Actually had a conversation over a beer and had some good insight....Ovie's just a booze hound looking for chics....

It's true about Ovie, for too long they gave him the keys to the kingdom with no restraints. As he's gotten older and is in less than ideal playing weight, his game has gone down.
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