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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Meck77 View Post
No. Here are a couple of options.

-Volunteer for your neighborhood watch
-No watch? start one
-Volunteer at your childs school
-There are citizens programs to work with police
-Donate money to any of the above
-Work with trouble teens
-Volunteer to help the mentally ill

The list goes on and on and on..............

Instead people sit around and wait for the next score to come in on a shooting. Why? It's easier. Hundreds of millions of people in this country, BILLIONS of potential man hours, yet we sit idle and wait for the next idiot to grab a gun.

Obama argues "It's worth it if we save just one life". Meanwhile the homeless and hungry get stepped over by congressmen on their way to the capital or White House everyday. There are hundreds if not thousands of them within a mile of the ****ing white house yet our administration talks about saving JUST ONE LIFE. How about we start with their own damn backyard.

If the goal is to "save just one life" then let's do it. Feed someone tomorrow. Help someone quit smoking. Help someone quit drinking or beat a drug addiction. Volunteer some time with the vets coming home from the war. Really want to save some lives? Start an organic farm and save THOUSANDS of people from eating chemicals that are being pumped into our food everyday!

Do I need to go on how to REALLY help save just one life starting tomorrow?

Oh never mind. Blog/post on. In a few months some mentally ill person will probably shoot 5, 10 or maybe 20 people and everyone will have something to talk about. During that time probably 50,000 or more people will have died from some of the examples I gave above while most of us DID NOTHING to stop it and even ENCOURAGED IT with our support of those companies or habits.
The gun industry waits for the next psycho shooting too. Why? Because they have to ramp up production to get ready for the big sales to come.
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