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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
I'm not really big on the "OMG! Take my guns away and I can't defend myself!!!" thing. Very few are storming down doors with guns at the ready for home invasions. If you can sneak in, steal stuff, and get away then the cops won't get too riled up. If there's an invasion that involves a shooting, you just became public enemy #1.

That said, I'm mostly alarmed by where such actions (gun ban) can eventually lead and the reality that I liken this to taking away the baseball bat after your kid smashed a neighbor kid's skull in with it. I'd be more concerned about the mental state of the kid that could smash in someone's skull than concerned about whether or not all my baseball bats were secured.

The country needs to evaluate how they deal with those incapable of living in a peaceful and harmonious society. We need to face that question as a nation. Until we figure out why so many want to go down as a heinous murderer, taking away a few bullets per magazine won't solve our greatest problems.
I agree with this post 100%. If I am not mistaken, violent crime statistics tend to follow the same curves as economic statistics.

and a psycho is a psycho, their tools don't matter, what matters is figuring out why a person snaps in such a way and how to prevent the act itself.

What will the outrage be if one of these people decides to drive a Van into a soccer field one of these days?
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