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Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
haha, I will chime in here since I have had season tickets to both caps and skins.

Pens fans (the fake me out) transplants are absolutely the worst. They come into verizon center and have no respect and start kicking doors in, over flow toilets on purpose, etc.

I have been to multiple games in pittsburgh and fans there are good people for the most part and act like normal human beings. The posers that say they are from pittsburgh but live in DC because of jobs are the morons. **** YOU GO BACK TO PITTSBURGH THEN!

The thing is when skins fans needed their sports fix during ****ty years recently and jumped on the caps bandwagon, the pens fans learned the hard way. I saw many fights that ended in beatdowns of pens fans. They learned that skins fans will throw down, not like the more quiet hardcore caps fans.

If I had to rank them (visiting fans):

1) Buffalo (absolute worst). I spoke to a few canes fans who had a horrible experience with them in the 2006 Eastern Conf Final

2) Pittsburgh

3) Philly - Although they aren't as bad as they have been historically. I would say NYR is catching up here.

Caps fans used to be the 80's-90's you could sit next to a Caps fan at the old arena and have a good time. It all changed with Ovie. Very few "real" Caps fans from the day exist, it's all the Ovie aged fans that think since they have the goofy looking, 0 work ethic drunk on their team, they deserve a championship every year.

Other than going to the Rangers games with a bunch of buddies, I can't stand that place anymore.
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