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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Now your just talking crap.. His run blocking leaves a lot to be desired and speed rushers well force our QBs out or up into the pocket more than they should.

But you and dream keep having oragams about him. It ok to have a a circle jerk about him.

IF HE WAS THE SAME GUY HE WAS BEFORE HIS KNEE injury then we could talk about being 1 or 2.
You realize that QB's should be stepping up into the pocket on their throws right? A good pocket will allow a QB to step up into the pocket. If your getting penetrating from the inside then the QB has to back up which causes him to throw off his back foot with no power, look at Cutler or Plummer for example.

If you watched the Balt game the strip sack came from the right side. Clady had his guy blocked and held up the block for the longest of any of the OL on that play. The other times there was pressure in that game it came from the right. I don't think Kuper was 100%, he did not have the best game of his career but Clady played a solid game.

You should actually go back and rewatch the games Clady played when he had NFL Caliber QB's. I think last year was a mix of injury and the fact that they could not set the pocket because they didn't know where Tebow was at any point after the snap. If your trying to come back from a tough injury to come back from then have to block for a QB who is pulling the ball down after seeing his 1st option covered then your going to expect to see him hold a lot.

How about you back up your opinion on Clady with some real evidence rather than just typing one sentence BS like: "his run blocking is below avg, he held alot in 2011 and he is not same as he was before his injury"?
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