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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Fwiw i did not just base my thoughts on Clady for his run blocking this year.
It has never been his forte.

Now have they run left in the past and they did well absolutely but his lack of consistently being able to do so along with Franklin being a road grader makes it easier to go that way..

BTW pulling and going right can be just as easy to go to the left.

They chose to go left for other reasons.

As for the center yes we need to get some more heft on Walton this coming year he was making great strides until he was hurt. I think this injury may be a blessing as he is able to spend loads of time in the weight room..

Now that said he will never be Pouncey. But that is ok also.

My biggest concern is will Kuper ever be back to his former self. Or are those ankles and lower legs damaged beyond being a NFL OG again.

I do know they had no reason to bring him back when he was obviously not ready and should have been pulled when they saw he was unable to handle the job during the game.
My point, which you obviously failed to comprehend, was that Beadles (who plays LEFT Guard) is the best pulling guard on the team. He even made it to the Pro Bowl today.

My point was the reason they ran right the majority of the time is because Beadles excels at pulling which means he crosses behind the Center (who is in the middle of the formation and is responsible for snapping the ball) and creates a hole/seam/kickout/seal block for the runner on the RIGHT side of the formation.

If they were going to pull a G to the right then Kuper would pull, he does, they do pull Kuper but this is something Beadles has excelled at and with Clady being able to make good choices covering for Beadles pull on the back side the staff feels more comfortable pulling to the right.

You do realize that when Beadles pulls his guy is unblocked and Clady has more to do than just man up on his guy right? If there seems to be a lot of penetration from the left side when Beadles is pulling it is because there is, the pull creates an unballanced line effect putting more guys on one side and attempting to get blockers to the 2nd level. The thinking is having a quick G leading is better than a FB because of the size matchups and having more blockers than defenders on one side of the field.

Shanny's system used to get more people on one side in the Zone because they would cut the back side defenders getting them on the ground with the tackles and enabling the guards and center to get to the 2nd level because the backside guy(s) were on the ground.

This is why guys like Lepsis were able to be effective because they needed to be quicker and more agile and didn't need strength to get their guy out of the play, just technique. Shanny developed Lepsis over a couple years moving him from a TE to T, he was not a day 1 NFL tackle. The reason guys like Meyers and Polumbus are still in the NFL is because of the system they are in. They would struggle in a power run system.

Everyone loves the zone scheme between the 20's because there is space for the RB to cut back. As drives get closer to the goal line the cut back lanes get clogged with safeties and LB's who don't have to cover 10-20 or more yards deeper and are closer to the LOS. This is why people b****ed about Shanny's red zone production after we lost a RB like TD who and exceptional vision, quickness and ability to cut.

You can't just let a top 5 LT walk and expect to run a power run game and protect Manning long enough for him to get the ball down field. If your advocating changing back to a west coast short passing game or quick dink and dunk game with a sub par run support then fine. I like our system now, I like that Manning is thinking deep 1st then down only when he has to. It is not like Manning has the speed to pull the ball down if the 1st option isn't there.
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