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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
You mad?

Every fight I ever saw was low lifes wearing black and yellow starting it. They got what they deserved.

Has nothing to do with the games. No reason to take low blows for the actual games. I kind of expected more from you than to support the ****sburgh trash.

and btw, for as much choking as the caps do, guess who has more series wins since your 2009 Cup that was won on the shoulders of Malkin (but hey crosby is the best even though the p***Y sat out almost all of game 7 in detroit) and the league script to get the golden boy a Cup
Actually, in 2009, Crosby contributed just as much if not more than Geno. He finished with like 31 points in that playoff season, about 5 short of Geno, although that was because he and Zetterberg erased each other schematically in the Final. The last few years have been tough and underachieving, esp this past year.

This year, there is still a winger problem, esp on Sid's line. Kunitz is really showing his age so far. I'm waiting for Bennett to be brought up. Geno is having some real anger issues so far and is real close to tuning Bylsma out. Martin has been much better than last year, but the d-corps are still kind of suspect. True solutions wont come until Morrow, Dumolin, Harrington etc. are ready. Despres has shown some flashes but has been scratched the last few games because he is turning it over too much. PIT will be back atop of the league with another title....but probably not in 2013.

And BTW since when did you become a big Caps fan? Dude, in earlier posts I thought you yourself called them chokers and said you were an Avs fan first?

Calm down bro (yes, you can lulz at me telling you to calm down )
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