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Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Beatdowns of Pens fans? lol. Perhaps it is built up frustration because the Caps playing the Pens in a Game 7 is like the Browns playing the Broncos in an AFCCG.

Good guys can punch their ticket to the next round before the game even starts!
You mad?

Every fight I ever saw was low lifes wearing black and yellow starting it. They got what they deserved.

Has nothing to do with the games. No reason to take low blows for the actual games. I kind of expected more from you than to support the ****sburgh trash.

and btw, for as much choking as the caps do, guess who has more series wins since your 2009 Cup that was won on the shoulders of Malkin (but hey crosby is the best even though the p***Y sat out almost all of game 7 in detroit) and the league script to get the golden boy a Cup
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