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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by errand View Post
You can choose to own a gun and you can choose not to.....

You can choose to believe in God, and you can choose not to....

But if you're not a gun owner and a criminal (or criminals) decides to commit a home invasion, you're going to call someone who has a gun (police) and pray they arrive in time to save your life instead of arriving in time to draw the chalk outline around your dead body.
IMO, in your own home, that's completely fine. You want to have your gun in your house to prevent a home invasion, you should be able to. But don't think that just because you have a gun in your house you turn into Rambo and you're gonna easily take out that bad guys. Remember, they're invading with the element of surprise. Most times you're not gonna get to your gun in time. Unless you sit with it loaded on the couch while you watch TV. I can't imagine your ever have many guests hahaha. Honestly a super super loud ass siren would probably work better at making the bad guys want to disappear fast then any gun.
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