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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
Amazon a long time ago.....don't remember the cost...maybe 30 or so. This was back around 02.

It's not a X and O primer although there are some basic stuff way in the back of the book. It's more of how to run an organization although there is a section on game plans (Billick has written an entire book on game planning) and in the back there are appendices on sample scouting criteria speeches job descriptions practice outlines etc.
I got mine off Amazon too back around 2002. I remember repping you Socal that I was so mad at Plummer back in 2006 that I wanted to send him a copy of this to read.

Glad I didn't.

I do wish I didn't highlight my copy. It is hardback and there is no printing or edition info like there usually are in most books.

I also found it hard to read from page to page. Belly is right it is meant to digest in chunks and more as a reference than as a novel.

Great book though, I adapted a lot of the info in the back about Job Descriptions and staff lectures when I became a manager.

Funny how out of all the books I have collected over the years, this is the one that is worth the big bucks. I have a printing of Les Miserables from the late 1800's and a hard bound 1944 McCall printing of Maugham's Razors Edge and a couple other books my dad gave me from the late 1800's that are all about $50 or less on Ebay, and that is the high side.

I bought Belly's book used for $2.00 off Amazon also, I never finished it, typical Bio but "Finding the Winning Edge" is a masterpiece.

Great Find and rep for you Bob.
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