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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
John is the perfect guy for our team. He knows football and is going to build a great team for us for a long time.
He played under some crappy coaches during his career.

He knows what is needed to field a winning team, so far his draft choices have been some really good picks. Playing to a level most thought were not possible.

The only moves he has made contract wise that give me ANY cause to wonder are the load he gave to Prater and the real head scratcher on Mayes. I have to wonder if the latter was at JDR request as an old Pro bowl LB must have seen something in the kid and thought he could coach him up.

Either that or he got faked out of his shorts when NOL made him a big offer.

Not sure which but they can fix that this year by cutting him and eating the 1.3mil. In bonus and guaranteed money. Still save 2.7 mil.
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