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Originally Posted by jhat01 View Post
That's the rub isn't it. All his outline would do is jack normal people around, and create hoops for law abiding citizens to jump through accomplishing absolutely nothing.
That's ultimately the root of the problem with any gun ban. You might make something inconvenient but you can't make anything impossible. They're considering inconveniencing everyone on the hopes that someone will see the inconvenience that lies ahead and it'll divert them from a murderous rampage.

Sorry, I don't buy it. And, ultimately, they can't win. There's no way gun ban proponents could stand up after the first shooting post-ban and say "Hey, 5 people died but at least it was only 5 people!" whereas those opposing the ban could only have 1 person wounded and still be able to say "I thought the ban was supposed to stop these shootings?" The ban cannot succeed perfectly and that'll make it a lose/lose position. Lose getting it through and lose again when you can't stop all violence.
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