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Originally Posted by ohiobronco2 View Post
I'm not sure Derrick Green is the best RB you even have in this class. I've seen Smith play a few times and he's very good.
oh he is definitely the best one. dude is a absolute freak of nature.
his drive and hunger is insane. he's not going to get outworked.
i'm not trying to short change Smith at all. Smith will be very good, Green will be special.

Originally Posted by Inkana7 View Post
Don't hate on Fitzgerald Toussaint, Youngstown native.
he's a solid back but he's not an elite type and is coming off of a very bad knee injury.

Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Between Derrick Green and DeVeon Smith, Brady Hoke should have that stud RB he's been looking for.

The competition between those two will be good for the team.
only real issues now are CB and WR. no elite guy at either position.
though Countess was looking really good before hurting his knee vs Bama.
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