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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
All you have to do to see the problem with what's going on is to look at the track record of gerrymandering (by all) and how that has affected the representation of people in the House. Right now if congress was elected nationally in a general election, there would be a nearly perfect 50/50 split (all national polls show this), yet currently the GOP enjoys a 53/47 advantage, since they are in power and get to draw the congressional districts to their advantage. In other words, the Democrats need more than 50.01% of the vote to actually gain a simple majority in the house. And it's the same story no matter who is in control.

It's a problem I for one would not want to see extended any further than it already is. It does exactly what several here are claiming they want to avoid -- it disenfranchises voters -- except in this case the disenfranchisement is based on political power abuse instead of what state you happen to live in.

Instead of politicking, the GOP should be focusing on solving the problems that are contributing to their decline. Either find a way to convince people they are correct, or change their positions to actually reflect the will of the people.
The only thing Rs need to wait for is the welfare lottery to explode in everyone's faces. Sure, you can lure people away by promising them the moon and the stars but it just doesn't work that way in the real world. Rs make their name on taking away from people and Ds make theirs on promising to give to people. Of course the Ds would be more popular.
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