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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
States are too populous to do winner take all. I think it shouldn't be a 1 person/1 vote popular election as that requires everyone to vote but marginalizes them at the same time. It's just too large of a pool. If they did votes awarded by county, you'd have small enough groups that everyone would get represented. A large, populous county would obviously have more votes to cast than a smaller county but at least a smaller county would feel it worthwhile to vote. I've been a resident of Washington State since I turned 18 and it's never been worth it to even bother registering to vote. That can't be the intent of the process.

Also, I'm also in line to hear how an established practice in one state is an attempt at cheating in another. Funny how those responses are getting ignored.
If you don't vote cause as you say it's not worth it then that's your problem.
What's going on here is that conservatives are realizing that they are becoming a minority in the country,and rather than changing with the times,they are trying to rig it so they can stay in power.
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