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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
All I want to do is have a national discussion over reducing the rate of fire available to the average citizen; A difficult thing to do in the most paranoid country on Earth.

Well, maybe not the "most." That's probably North Korea. But given the rate we kill each other while our culture wallows in violence, we're right up there.
Rate of fire isn't what matters. There's a reason why the military removed auto from personal weapons. Well placed shots are more effective than just throwing bullets any day of the week.

Give me 5 x 10 round magazines and I'll do more with it than someone carrying a "machine gun" any day of the week.

With military grade magazines, 50 rounds would take 3 magazines vs the 5 I suggested above. I guarantee I can pull a magazine and reload in less than 3 seconds. The difference in 10 round magazines vs 20s just became a whopping 6 seconds. Unless you're counting shots, know how many I have in my magazine, and are primed to run as soon as that 10th shot fires, the 3 second reload lapse is not going to do you any good at all.

Rate of fire is not the root of the problem here.
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