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Since we're back to the subject of the NIST report, I though I'd take a moment to re-introduce the greatest ass-whoppin' Gaffney ever got on this board.

Folks, take some time to read through it. It's some solid entertainment!

Oh, and to address Gaff's recent post

Originally Posted by Gaffo
Yes but according to NIST the damage to WTC-7 from falling debris played no role in its collapse. This according to NIST's final report on WTC-7 released in 2008.
I found this

Originally Posted by TomK
No, Mark. NIST did not say that "the damage from the collapses was not a factor".

They said that "the structural damage from the collapses was not the precipitating factor in the collapse".

They also said that the damage from the falling debris started the fires in WTC7. This WAS a factor.

It's that "reading with comprehension" thingy again, Mark.

As always, Gaff ignores the inconvenient facts no matter how often they are pointed out to him.

(Read the whole post too -- it's a hoot!)

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