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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
You didn't watch the line play in the Balt game. Manning took deep drops and was forced to hold the ball for a long time because his WR's were covered. As it was our OL gave up a couple sacks (including a Strip Sack) late with the game on the line.

To think that anyone could go back there and hold up as long as Clady did is insane, you must be watching the ball and not the players.
Still too pissed off to watch the game again and I'm not doubting Clady's status as an elite tackle, but if you can switch out Clady for say a Lepsis quality tackle and upgrade another position like TE, RB, S, or MLB... the team may overall be stronger. Baltimore is a classic example this year. The Giants last year's LT, Diehl, I think changed positions this year. I'm just questioning the value of an elite LT in today's NFL.
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