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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Every time some mentally disturb whack job pulls the **** that Sandy Hook clown pulled, the government will try to reduce your freedoms a little more.

I liken it like a frog being put into boiling water....if you drop him in the pot of water that is already boiling (a massive ban on all guns regardless of make or model or magazine size) he will jump out immediately to avoid being killed.....however if you put him in a cool pot of water and then turn the heat on increasing it a little at a time (starting with a ban on this gun, then that gun) by the time he finally figures out that it's starting to boil it's too late.

As for how did the founding fathers know the day may come? Look at history dude.....our founding fathers learned their lessons by looking at how other nations were ruled by despots and over reaching governments, which is why the Bill of Rights was written.

The constitution puts limits on what the government can do....not what we the people can do.

While molds of folks get this the far left progressives beleive that the document is a living ever changing one. They will never understand that the founding fathers were way smarter than they will ever be.

BTW IMO the founding fathers stated our right to firearms were pertinent for their time frame and understood the wording would be sufficient forever, or they would have included to the effect any firearm as they progress in effectiveness.

They expected people to be smarter than out current leadership seems to be.
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