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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
Sadly, I hated Rich Rod so much that I'm not sure I'm much of a Michigan fan anymore. I haven't lived in the area since I was 11 and pretty much from the day RR was hired, I refused to watch a Michigan game. I thought I could turn it back on after he was fired but Robinson just always reminded me of the terrible mistake they'd made. Hopefully it's better now that Robinson will be gone but I don't know.
that's a more than silly stance. Robinson helped keep Michigan relevant through the horrible down times at Michigan.
as horrible a debacle as Rich Rod's tenure was it forced UM to finally change with the times on several levels.
Michigan was already on the decline and Rich's tenure made it even more obvious when he forced the change in style.

i loved watching Denard do his thing through the good and the bad.
he's gone on to be one of the best players in Michigan history. he won a BCS bowl game and he beat OSU.
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