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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
I'm curious on who we replace him with... CJ Davis come on down!!!!

Maybe we take Albert from the Chiefs and send Clady packing.

If Lonestar said you know what guys, I would use that contract he's going to get, as well as cutting a few others..on pursuing Steven Jackson RB, Jarius Byrd FS, Brent Grimes CB, and Brandon Albert or even King Dunlap LT... Then I think people could respect you. But just saying "He's not worth it, he's not Elite" and not saying who will replace him, or if we have to draft a LT in round one, then who do we spend his money on to improve the team, comes off as Clady hatred.
do you realistically think Albert is going to be much cheaper?

IMO if they replace him it will be with another rookie or maybe but I really doubt it swap franklin over..

as for others coming in if he is not resigned why on earth would you want guys like jackson who has more miles on him that a 57 chevy..

I do not care if people respect me I'm not in the ohh please be my friend phase..

I post what I post to make y'all think past the end of your johnson..

as I have said numerous times most folks on here have never EVER done a budget much less live under one..

most folks live month to month and businesses can not do that.. they have to plan LONG term which means looking at what is happening next year when making decisions for this coming season..

Do we sign a bunch more one year contracts so they expire when the following come due for UFA..

    Eric Decker          4 yr/$2,522,150 	2013 	2014
28. Zane Beadles       4 yr/$4,171,000 	2013 	2014
29. JD Walton            4 yr/$2,588,500 	2013 	2014
30. Jacob Hester        2 yr/$1,415,000 	2013 	2014
31. Manuel Ramirez    2 yr/$1,415,000 	2013 	2014
35. Robert Ayers      5 yr/$15,500,000 	2013 	2014
37. Knowshon Moreno   5 yr/$16,700,000 	2013 	2015
38. Wesley Woodyard    2 yr/$3,500,000 	2013 	2014
or do we try and lock them up this coming summer and use that cap space we HAVE to spend this year to get us up to the 89% of the value that CBA requires..

has anyone thought about that as an option?

do not everyone answer at once..

some of Y'all think I hate Clady I DO NOT, I just do not have an orgasm about him, nor do I believe he is elite.. Just because he has had some honors as pro bowl just means that some of the guys that should have been there declined.. and he is better than the next guy on the popular voting list is..

he is a good OLT he also has warts that many want to overlook, average at best run blocking and strugles with speed rushers..

BTW there are other OT that could be looked at other than rookies guys on other teams PS squad the past couple of years.. John has been pretty good about finding gems for our team there.

I'm not the bad guy, just because I want y'all to think about the long term instead of just tomorrow..

But if it makes you feel good hate me I could care less..

also IF JOHN decides Clady is worth the money then it is OK with me..
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