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you're going to have to trust me on it, brohan. or we can regale each other with tales of Bronco teams of yore. whatever works for you.

I agree McGahee is a plodder at this point. But, again, if we are speaking in terms of upgrading via FA (why else would we be discussing bringing any of these guys in?) why replace one plodder with a less talented plodder? Moreno's not a plodder. He's not a burner, but he's shifty and has the ability to make plays in the open space.
Just throwing the scenario out there of what could be can cut McGahee ($3 million) or Moreno ($1.7 million), even both. I think any of those backs could be adequate cheap depth options, and you could draft a RB and save $3+ million. Or we could pursue an upgrade in SJax. But it would be about money and or improvement, that's why we talk free agents.
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