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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post
Well the AVs are a different ballgame. I'm asking about the big things, though. For a long time, all the open source OSs were just nerds wanting to go against the grain. For all intents and purposes, they were not serious competitors with anyone.

Are the other programs going to ever be better than the expensive programs? Are these substitution programs going to overtake Office, Photoshop, etc, in quality?

Not trying to justify downloading anything at this point, just curious if these big dogs stay big dogs because they are the big dogs or if they're just still popular due to marketing and name recognition.
Well, depends on what you're looking for.

I'd argue that the whole "parents having their kids set up and manage their computer for them, when all they want is email and internet" deal is best done via Linux, Ubuntu to be exact. Don't give them admin access and they'll have a rock solid environment with very few risks of hacks,viruses, bugs, etc.. It also comes pre-loaded with office software, CD authoring software, web browser, etc..

That's on the OS front.

As for Office software - does it 1. piss you off that MS took Access out of office or 2. preferred the pre-ribbon user interface? Then LibreOffice is for you as it includes their knock off of Access and uses a Windows 2003-esque layout as opposed to the Office '07 format that has been pusehd but definitely not became mainstream. Hidden benefit, if you do a lot of international business you've likely ran into some European companies that prefer Corell. LibreOffice has no problems opening and saving to their file type.

And for AV editing - Photoshop is a bloated nas hell. For 90% of what the average home user will ever use Gimp of Paint.NET would cover them cheaper and allow mroe effective multi-tasking.
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