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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
And yet Clady led the league in holding calls in 2011.

He had a great year in 12 allowing IIRC only one sack.

Even if you are not his cousin. I suspect if you are honest you WILL admit that he is not the same caliber OLT he was as rookie. Or the following year either. The knee is not the same as it was those years.

I also think that if you are honest you know that the pro bowl is a beauty contest and while many are there because they are great some folks get there on past reps.

and yet nine of this matters if we can not afford him. If other teams start the bidding process the specter of having more spots to actually fill this year and do not fool your self into thinking that players that were just signed (cheaply I might add) most of which will either be cut or PS players (which do not count against the cap) .. To the informed that means we have less than 18 mil to fill out this squad. 4-7 will be for rookies coming in and if John holds to his form all of which will make the team.

Add to that 24 players currently on this team are UFA after this coming season of which 5-10 will have to be resigned as they are core players. If they are not then their replacements are going to be almost as expensive.

John is going to have to make some hard decisions.

As great as your bromance is with Clady I'm not sure he will be one kept.

Dude seriously still doubting Clady talent? Yeah Pro Bowl is a beauty contest, the the All-Pro designation is not. Get a clue. I am not a betting man but I am 100% sure he will be back with us next season. Sig bet?
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