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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Lone Bolt was a bit sloppy. What he meant to say was "Did this building also suffer major structural damage due to impact with a large commercial jet or from debris from the collapse of another building?"

As has already been discussed in this very thread, WTC7 took major structural damage from the fall of WTC1&2.
Yes but according to NIST the damage to WTC-7 from falling debris played no role in its collapse. This according to NIST's final report on WTC-7 released in 2008.

All the early speculation was wrong.

Not to suggest that I agree with NIST's collapse scenario. It was a scam. NIST used a computer model that remains secret to this day. NIST refuses to share it with other scientists. We have to take them at their word -- since there is no way to verify their work. Hence no accountability.

This is BS - and another reason why the NIST report was a fraud.

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